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Finding Pneumo
The Pneumothorax Community
1st pneumo last week 
1st-Jul-2010 11:11 pm
 So 21 male here 6' 1"..135lbs, smoker, green and cigs...until my lung collapsed! OMG i couldn't believe it! i thought id thrown my back out or pinched a nerve or something then i wind up with emergency surgery and a tube in my chest for three days. 9 days without smoking and had my last x-ray yesterday doc said it looked great. THEN i wake up this morning and the pain is there but not as severe. hopefully its just a small one that goes away, i dont know how close together these things can happen. it feels a little different though. instead of the sharp pain throughout the chest its like....when i get to the top of the breath/breath as deep as i can.....it feels like my lung is creating a suction off my ribcage. Normal for recovery? or should i head to the ER in the morning if its not gone.
2nd-Jul-2010 01:25 pm (UTC)
Did they do pleurodesis? Where they abrade the lung and inject talc? I have often had that kind of pressure feeling long after having that procedure. I would say if you are not having trouble breathing or that distinctive sharp pains it may just be that. I've also been told that sometimes when I have that kind of pain, blebs are breaking and if it were not for the procedure it would be a pnuemo.

My advice would be to call the doctor and tell him/her exactly what you are feeling. (Of course I'm getting to this late so you may have already gone). If you have trouble breathing or get the sharp stabbing pains, go to the ER.

I hope you can stay away from the smoking - I had a hard time quitting even after my first couple of pneumo's. It's not easy, but you just have to do it. I'm now to the point where I won't even go near people smoking. It's just not worth it.

I hate to welcome anybody to this community because it's a crappy thing that's got you here, but welcome nonetheless. I hope things go well for you and I wish you as few recurrences as possible. :D Keep us posted!
20th-Aug-2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
Hey. it could be a post op thing, or could be a small sp. I've had op's on both sides (4 years ago) and that feeling still happens now.

If you feel it, keep an eye on it. If it gets worse over the day then get to the hospital.

As i've had op's on both sides I wait 2 days before making the decision to go to the hospital. Most times I'm sent home with pain killers. sometimes i'm aspirated there and then (needle in the chest to suck out the air - better than a drain)

If this is becoming frequent and you're not offered, ask to see a chest specialist.
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