rjdude (rjdude) wrote in pneumothoraxes,

1st pneumo last week

 So 21 male here 6' 1"..135lbs, smoker, green and cigs...until my lung collapsed! OMG i couldn't believe it! i thought id thrown my back out or pinched a nerve or something then i wind up with emergency surgery and a tube in my chest for three days. 9 days without smoking and had my last x-ray yesterday doc said it looked great. THEN i wake up this morning and the pain is there but not as severe. hopefully its just a small one that goes away, i dont know how close together these things can happen. it feels a little different though. instead of the sharp pain throughout the chest its like....when i get to the top of the breath/breath as deep as i can.....it feels like my lung is creating a suction off my ribcage. Normal for recovery? or should i head to the ER in the morning if its not gone.
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