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newbie here

I guess I'll just hop right in here..... typing this from my hospital bed, 24 hours into my second stay and second pneumothorax.

First one happened just around two months ago, while making out of all things! (embarassing!) I can remember saying to my bf how I thought my lung had just collapsed. Fast forward eight hours and I was taking myself to the ER feeling very short of breath, in a lot of pain, and coughing up a lung or so it felt! It was confirmed as a 50% collapse, I was given a pigtail cath chest tube (which I am so thankful for) and admitted for 4 days. Overall it wasn't that bad of an experience, in hindsight of course...compared to this, my second.

But before we get to that...let me mention the small collapse I felt at home one day that reinflated rather quickly but was followed by a month solid of everyday chest pain. Small stabs and aches everyday for the past month!

Then, while at work this past Saturday night I felt it again. You know, the tighness, the pain, the sudden coughing. I informed one of our bartenders (i work at a music venue) and was out the door and on the way to the hospital within 15 minutes. My pneumothorax was once again at 50% and was given the pigtail cath again. GOD I LOVE MY DOCTOR FOR THAT. I keep reading about those big ones they put in your side and how painful they are!! The pigtails hurt, yeah, but I'm guessing it's nowhere near the same.

Anywhoo...(a little fuzzy here as I just got some morphine on top of the darvocet I recieved a bit ago) the doc says he wants to do the camera procedure and possible "glue" my lung back to the wall. My question is this though.... I've read several places that the recovery time and amt of pain from the talc procedure can be a little extreme!!! What are your experiences with it???

Thanks for listening and the advice guys, it's good to know we're not alone here!!! I'm only on my second and it's already so frustrating!!!
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