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Well, I got my tube out yesterday. Fastest recovery of my lung EVER, and it was the worst collaspe. Strange!

Feeling a lot better. The pain is minimal now that the tube is out and I haven't taken oxycodone since yesterday morning (in preparation of getting the tube out), and then one anti-inflammatory later on...and some tylenol at bedtime. I have a horrendous headache. Maybe from going from 2 oxycodone every 5 hrs pus 1 anti-inflammatory 4 times a day to taking none...ughhhh. Well, plus everything else.

I'm still taking it easy and left a message with my surgeon so I can see what he thinks. I sort of didn't want to call him since he said the next time I get the "big surgery" :(

I get to write one of my exams Monday and the other one is still up in the air :/ But I'm fairly confident I will be able to graduate May 14th as planned :) My other prof let me email my take home exam and book report instead of climbing the stairs to his office so that was nice!

Now I will continue to be paranoid of every little pain as I was before... :( I think that is the worst part.

Plus it sucks...everyone is out partying and having fun for being done exams and graduating...and I just sit here like a blob eating chocolate and icecream, watching re-runs of shows on my computer :/ I feel robbed of my graduating experience!!! Last year my friend was graduating and my lung collapsed so I missed getting to see her before she moved back (except for in the hospital a bit)...and this also happened my last day of highschool so I missed that too...

Just not fair sometimes.

Does anyone else just find it so frustrating??? I mean I know it's stupid but I've spent so much time crying when my lung collapses and not just because the pain but just because it's so unfair.......I wonder what I did to deserve this.

Oh my.

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