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Another pneumo

Well, it's exam time for me...I graduate from University next month. I had been studying hard all day and decided to give myself a 2 hr break...1 hr to just relax and go online...the other to watch Desperate Housewives :P

I was feeling pretty good, then went to watch my show...and BAM...pain in my back....got worse and worse. Called my mom and started to cry because it got so bad. I decided to call a taxi and then that changed to calling 911 because the pain was so unbearable I was scared of the longer drive in the taxi.

Ambulance arrived shortly after and I was put on oxygen/iv and taken to the hospital....got my xrays and sure enough, it was another pneumothorax! same lung (left side).

Finally got drugged up and my side frozen for another tube. This one was different from my others....it's not attached to suction...just sorta hanging there

Here are some pics:

Tube 1
Tube 2
Tube 3...best view I think

It is a TINY tube...wasn't used to that...anyway, they took xrays after and my lung was a lot better. Then I started having worse pains than before. The doctor thinks it was from my lung re-inflating and the tube rubbing against it...because it was more of a burning in the front area (similar to after my first surgery).

After being given tons of meds (I was bawling my eyes out...how embarassing! lol), I started to feel better. My boyfriend arrived from an hour away (at almost 2am) to stay with me, and then they let me go home!!!!! I was sort of confused. So here I am with this tube in me...in tons of pain! and heart monitor stickies all over me lol

The pain has been pretty bad...The nurse gave me percocet for overnight (a box of 4 tablets) and then a prescription for percocet and an anti-inflammatory...

I finally was able to go and get the prescriptions filled...pretty painful, and have barely been able to sit up or move for long all day :(

I'm pretty doped up now and just had a bath and washed my hair to try and feel better...but man, this is worse pain than any of my others, and I believe it's mostly due to the tube (although the pain from the initally collaspe was very very very painful as well!)

So, has anyone had these kinds of tubes before???? And been able to go home with it in??? They were going to keep me but it was very busy there and they thought I was be okay at home (they made sure I was okay pain-wise though)...and luckily I was able to get my boyfriend to come up so I wouldn't be home alone. I was supposed to go back today for an xray but since my last one (after the massive pain attack) was excellent, I can wait until tomorrow.

Another thing, this is the 3rd time my lung has collasped at exam time......has this happened to anyone else??? Last year I missed all of my end of year exams and I will miss them again this year....Bad thing is I'm supposed to graduate May 14th and I don't know if I can write my exams in time (one prof said she had to make a whole new exam for me and wouldnt be ready until the end of May but I'm trying to change that)...so it's very stressful!
It also collapsed my last day of high school in 2002...and then a few other random times..

Oh my...I guess that's all I wanted to say. Hopefully this makes sense....I'm reaaaaaaaaaally doped up.
It's so confusing and irritating...this always happens at the worst times :(

Hope everyone had a great easter!!! :P


ps-> in case it wasn't clear (i read this over and wasn't sure if I made sense), it collapsed LAST NIGHT around 10:05pm, I got home around 3am this morning...Now almost 8pm the next night :P
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