Ninjums (ninjums) wrote in pneumothoraxes,

funny f*ups

Hey guys, just got out of the hospital from my first surgery on my left lung, third surgery in all including the two on my right. I guess smoking wasn't good for both of them haha. Anyways, just wanted to tell you all a couple stories of how incompetent the nurses here in Hawaii are. These stories all take place as I was about to get the chest tube pulled out.

1) As I was lying on my side, the doctor was explaining how I had to take a deep breath and hold it, then the nurse would pull the tube out. He clearly stated that we would do one practice run, then the real one. He counted to three, and I inhaled and held it. The nurse pulled the tube out halfway and the doctor yelled, "No no no this is just practice!" and she shoved it back into me. Luckily, we did the real run and there were no complications.

2) The resident doctor was in charge this time. She told me to inhale and the nurse would pull the tube, and I did, but she didn't tell me to hold my breath, so air leaked in and my lung collapsed again. Bummer.

3) The surgeon got upset and was going to pull the tube out himself after my lung re-expanded. He was all ready and explaining the procedure when my chest tube got stuck on the corner of the bed as he was raising it and my water-seal broke as the thora-seal container fell over. Air rushed into my chest cavity and my lung collapsed again.

The last two stories were from my last stay in the hospital - almost two weeks just because of these screw ups. Oh well, I'm back home now, and I dropped my courses this semester so I'm gonna be a bum until August when school starts again. Hope you all enjoyed those bloopers and hope they don't happen to you!
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