arabgentleman (arabgentleman) wrote in pneumothoraxes,

Spontaneous Pneumothoracies

27 year old Male EX smoker -5’11”- 160lbs at the time of the collapse, I was actually using the bathroom which was the crazy part, had the collapse and toughed it out from 10a.m. until 8pm when I couldn’t take the pain anymore and went to the ER where they had placed a chest tube in the left lung cavity. 3 days later no progression or inflation, 5 days in 2 chest tubes had been replaced and repositioned. Finally the third one wasn’t placed correctly and my right began to collapse which required a chest tube also. Now I was laying in the ICU which two tubes hooked up to suction feeling like I’m in the Matrix or something. Final solution for the left lung was the thoracotomy with pleurodeses thank god it was successful and extremely painful might I Add. The right lung had inflated fully with the help of the chest tube and the surgeon decided it was best not to operate on the right due to the amount of stress that would be on my body. So after a One month stay in that lovely Florida hospital (note the sarcasm). I was released with more scars than Scarface himself. But thankful I’m alive to tell the story now and have been out of the hospital for about 6 months to this day from April 7th, 2012 my admittance day.
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